origins and beginnings

Lately I have come to grasp quite literally that the problems of my kind all emanate from the wrongful stance on ethics. By ethics here I am not referring to the more truthful and philosophical definition which is roughly the handbook of the human morality and its application, instead I mean the more active kind of ethics that is not necessarily true and correct but is definitely landscape for the situations on the ground, what most people do and regard as good.
This wrong ‘ethics’ if you can even call it that is always totally if not partially derivative of the confusion of origins and beginnings. ‘Origins’ being the fundamentals of the fundamental and the ‘beginnings’ being the conscious starting point. These two marks on the grand scale of life have always been used as close substitutes and quite harmlessly until on further examination of some of the world’s biggest problems when you uncover this insidious confusion as the red-handed culprit.
After much mental haggling and deliberation with others and in the comfort of self I have also realized that to discover the absolute origins of many of these issues that balloon into world problems is for the most part an impossible task. Our humanness cannot allow us to perceive the ‘origins’ directly so most of us settle for the beginnings which are easily accessible .But indirectly we can perceive the origins and that should be enough for us because humans have the unlimited ability to transcend even the microscopic bits of these origins and enact their effects macroscopically.
I did start by saying that this wrongful confusion of terms has single-handedly painted all the black and blue in my world from women’s oppression to slavery to racism to colorism and beyond. For example there was a time when Africans were cargo and this tore a rift between Caucasians and Africans that I dare say may never be regained and even though those days are gone, the memories remain and the stories are forever retold and the pain no matter how minimal is passed on. In Kenya tribalism is the same equation with different parameters, even though the marginalized may now be treated well the pain is still transmitted because the unchangeable history lives on. As a woman with all the works done and milestones achieved by the suffragettes and feminists of old and new the battle ground is still bloody, I still live in a world where phrases such as ‘it’s a man’s world’ are uttered. These relics make me unable to forget the struggle, the fortress is always up and this may at times cause me, us, anyone to start lashing out, and then a victim turns into a perpetrator and even more obstacles are mounted.
Some of the issues as a result are like neo-colonialism, colorism and xenophobia which are direct descendants of racial prejudice or radical feminism (hate of men) as a result of misogyny and female oppression. And with the passage of time we have all assisted in creating the intricate maze of obstacles to the real ethics, and this is definitely the proverbial pyramid scheme because with every victim, there is a future pyramid of wrong-doing beneath.
The only way to reverse and subdue the process being the proper redefinition of the ‘origins’ and ‘beginnings’ which means blank slates and fresh new perspectives. Case in point if the pioneer racists started examining Africans (foreigners to them) from the point of ‘they are human before they are black’ then racism would never have existed and this is the origin and though it is hard to see someone as a human before you see their color it is a very conscious starting point (beginnings) to see black before you see person or to see female before human.
And of late I have seen many issues that we all thought were long dead being dredged up because of the failure to redefine the ‘origins’ and ‘beginnings’ correctly once they have been horribly misrepresented.
And in regard to adoption of children and having children in general I have found a fundamental discrepancy with the correct description of ‘origins’ and ‘beginnings’ in the manner of how these life transactions are handled.
Many single mothers are raising their children alone mostly because of no good fathers who stepped out on them and this has become a very ‘good’ thing to do, to raise a child singly. This however is one of the more deplorable and immoral acts yet because it skews these children’s’ lives completely. They look at their origins being their mother and she alone being their point of origin effectively denouncing their paternal side unknowingly; the thing is nature has a way of catching up with you. And usually most of these children at best become obsessed with musings of their paternal origins or at worst they become bitter and confused about this missing part of themselves and the lacking unity and oneness of their parents within them. They too grow up to make the same mistakes either raising children themselves or deserting their own children. The only way this can be resolved is by mothers and women in general regardless of scorn from the children’s fathers they should introduce their children to their paternal side even if not their father but their paternal grandmother or relatives can suffice because if this reconciliation is not made a person will never be at peace.
In adoption the legal closed adoptions and foreign adoptions are what I feel are particularly horrific. It allows no room for the accounts of these children’s’ origins to ever get to them. Foreign adoptions remove persons from their peoples and culture even though through their physical attributes they will forever be linked. This kind of touristic adoption is repugnant because it cuts ties for long and at times one may not even be able to diagnose this as the reason for their frustrations. Although this has become a common practice among westerners adopting mostly from third world countries and the grim effects of this practice resemble those of slavery that African Americans and West Indians are currently and will continue to experience. A kind of disorientation because your skin and culture are not unison .And even statistically it has been proven that those black westerners who have at least visited Africa even once in their lives are less likely to inhabit inferiority complexes, even immigrants who are well aware of their origins have more piece of mind.
The tragedy remains that wrongful substitution of ‘beginnings’ for ‘origins’ continues to wreak havoc in countless situations.


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