Commencing in the spring
You filled my stew
Spicing it with the torrents
Of a saucy romance
And in the summer
We barbequed our bounty
Roasted our hearts
Feasting on their tender slices
Suddenly the autumn rushed in
The draught chilled the oven
Thickened the fat
With your overwhelming rancidity
Until the winter time
As we survived on all the frozen foods
Tasteless and diluted flavors
colored the steak marinade blue
Our only solace
The warmth from piping hot tea
Boiled in the kettle of our memories
But the spring time has arrived
The icy feelings have melted away
Now we can inhale the sweet ginger
And I can see the orange
The turmeric sun when we first met
This bittersweet recipe of our acquaintance
Has come full circle

Sweet aromas of the perfectly seasoned love
Infused and suffused
In our kitchens once again


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