the formula

Death has presented me,
With the elusive solution,
To that punishing and perturbing
Riddle of life
And from the mathematics of experience
the first principles read
that happiness is not a derivative of pleasure
it is tantamount to pain
a pain that calcifies the bone
a pain that sallows the skin,
a pain that wrinkles the face,
a pain that thins the blood,
symptoms of a most dreadful pandemic,
Endemic only to the human race,
the disease of a flaring love,
that wrecks the organic machine,
corrodes and dislodges its parts,
sufficient as the only sure cure,
the only discovered elixir,
to restore the ailing soul,
from the malady of loneliness,
the consternation of indifference,
unto its deserved health.


4 thoughts on “the formula

      1. there was definitely something i was going for when i wrote it but i hate explaining poetry of any kind(mine or otherwise) because that almost immediately corrupts whatever else you might have synthesized from it.The really beautiful thing about poetry is that its all about the air castles in our mind,there are no concrete ideas or notions and it means whatever you want it to mean or whatever resonates in your soul.Keep thinking about it,I’m sure it’ll ignite something in you and i’d love to hear what that is .

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