testing the theory

“Of what?”

“Why, the beginning of course.”

“The beginning of what exactly?”

“This,you and me ,us,everyone,society.Ever heard of the ‘social contract’?”

“I might have,maybe an inkling to what you refer,”he said sarcastically.

“Rousseau,Yes ! As brilliant in his philosophy as he was in his compositions.”

“Do you really think so?Wasn’t he just a temperamental nut with all that psychobabble about the so-called ‘noble savage’.You’re not buying that,are you?”Eyes dashing about quizzically.

“Yes and no,let’s put it like this I’m an agnostic romantic.”

“fine then,i will cure you of your disease.”

“What disease?”

“A man can not live a life riddled with uncertainty,I shall remedy you from the hold of uncertainty.I will test his theory.”

“Oh wow,I’d really like to see that.Enlighten me again on how this is to be done? I was always led to believe that a contract of that manner can not be revoked and the prior situation restored.If in fact it occurred it must have changed the very fabric of what was.This cake can not be had, not even by you.

“Faith,have some faith!And i assure you this i will solve and resolve the matter for good.All in due time.”

Now it had been a month,a tireless month filled with insomnia and anxiety.The time had come for the final tally of his findings.Was it really possible to lead a completely clandestine existence,removed from all humanity and somewhat,by some grace prosper long enough to tell the tale?

Philosophy certainly has a way of evening out the score,reducing the teacher to the student and elevating the student to the teacher.But i need not worry it was just a paper after all,in spite of this student’s remarkable insight how many papers have been and will be entirely the constructs of ramblings and inadequate prose of the hopelessly confused.But then again he could be at the precipice,revealing the truths of the very beginnings of everything we revere or not.I certainly hope not ,for nothing else but because I was rather proud of my doctorate dissertation that was incidentally on the very opposing end of this spectrum.

And then he arose to deliver to the esteemed faculty his work and he began.


be sure to purge (thoughts,ideas,complaints) if at all you feel the nudge

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