hope when you take that jump you don’t feel the fall,

hope when the water rises you built a wall.

hope when  the crowd screams out they’re screaming your name,

hope if everybody runs you choose to stay,

i hope that you fall in love and it hurts so bad

i hope that you don’t suffer but take the pain,

hope when the moment comes,

you’ll say,

i did it all,

with every broken bone I swear I lived

(glee cast)

This show took the better part of my teenage years and taught me so much,magical lessons of both music and life.Guiding many through the transformative power of restoration.Despite some of the more ludicrous episodes and ridiculous humor the beating heart of the show was both spectacular as it was truthful.Cheers to having eyes that not only see the world as it is but that also see it as it should be and are open to the possibility.THANK YOU for the music Ryan Murphy,Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk.

Adios old friend.


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