The fairy tales have definitely done a number on women.As a species we have bought and lapped up the myth of some tall dark and handsome warrior from God knows where emerging and saving us from the dragons of our own imagination.TV has turned us to become the victims of our own devices.Be it Chris Hemsworth,Patrick Dempsey or whoever the next IT boy in the entertainment scene will conjure up.Women have been brainwashed to expect these imaginary men who only exist on the silver screen to meet them and as reality dictates these men have not materialized at our command.This is usually the genesis of the dangerous chain reaction of dating the wolves in prince’s clothing,until his facade finally falls and then retreating to ‘feminist groups’ where hating men is the order of the day until the next wolf slithers into our midst again.

I feel like real men are always passed up for these sorry excuses because either they have more money or they look better or worst of all ‘you have a spark’.We need to grow up and have the courage to tear these stereotypes from our eyes so that we may find the real men.Who by the way do not need to carry you off into any sunset or kiss you in a certain way.Real men have problems and have some growing to do themselves and rescuing has become a term associated with females as if we don’t all need heroes and heroines alike.

The time to shed the youthful skin of princesses and what nots has come,we should rejoin society with a more refined view of love and men.It is a lot of work and we better get our work boots on.Love is hard and never is to be reduced to a moment,it is a long and winding road full of road kill and abrupt turns and bumps but it is by far the best infrastructure around and the only kind designed for the machinery of all humanity.

Generalizing people doesn’t work because unlike statistics humans are absolutely stochastic and don’t follow the law of large numbers,let us study our partners and philosophize them so that we may tailor our love to uniquely fit them.It is no secret that despite the similitude of persons we are all uniquely different and so should how we are approached ย be.

Maybe i am just tired of having the same conversation with all my friends about their love lives but it is certainly the time for us to unchain ourselves from the psychological tricks safely tucked into all the movies and series we sip up time and time again.Have the courage to free yourself from the fantasy of it all and awaken to the reality,pick the good man and quit wasting your time .Let’s get on with the rest of it because there is a lot that is yet to be done.


12 thoughts on “emancipate yourself from mental slavery

  1. I enjoyed every word of this. It was a breathless deliver and I do understand your frustration. It is true, we all want a tall handsome guy with perfect hair to swoop down from a space ship and grab us, but even Thor had to go back home to his world in the end. I think the problem is not the expectations of perfection; it is that women don’t actually sit down and think about who they are and what they want and the consequences of having those things. You said they would “materialise” and that’s kind of a lazy passive attitude I have seen where others are supposed to match a fantasy that one has without any articulation of thoughts, feelings, expectations or needs. Thanks again for a thoughtful post.

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  2. “Real men have problems and have some growing to do themselves and rescuing has become a term associated with females as if we donโ€™t all need heroes and heroines alike.” No one would mistake me for Chris Hemsworth, Patrick Dempsey, etc. Reading this was so refreshing. You’re absolutely right–real men have problems and are growing and trying just to be who we really are. Grateful for the call back to reality. AND, all of us men need to hear these words just the same too. Swap Beyonce for Chris Hemsworth, Angelina Jolie for Dempsey. We need to ditch the fantasies of meeting Victoria’s Secret models and ridiculous masculine bullsh-t we’ve been indoctrinated with about hyper-sexuality and what constitutes “being a man” and outdated gender roles and… (the rant goes on). Thanks for the essay.

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    1. exactly,its time to live in the real world.These fantasies are just as insidious as the biological weapons even more so because they target our minds .God knows there isn’t an antibiotic strong enough to destroy a pathogen of the mind.
      I’m glad it resonated with you.

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