somi-ginger me slowly

ginger me with pillow talk and pretty things,
ginger me by candle light and long walks by the lagoon,
ginger me with intellect and wine
ginger me boy with kindness and cool
ginger me slowly.

images (1)

ginger me with poetry and roses in the afternoon,
ginger me with trips to Monaco and to the Nile,
ginger me with power and humility,
ginger me slowly.

ginger me with unexpected kisses in the dusk
ginger me with breakfast in bed with
dreams of love and faithfulness
ginger me slowly with this cup of your heart,
slow it down,slow it down,
and i’ll be your girl if we do it slowly.

images (2)

(the sultry jazz of Somi never sounded so pristine as when wrapped in such earnest poetry.I really can’t do without this sweet sweet Lagos sound)


be sure to purge (thoughts,ideas,complaints) if at all you feel the nudge

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