freedom,nature,the good and the connection.

Lately i have been having the same conversation with most people and it has whet my curiosity in regards to certain very fundamental yet cryptically vague terms.This famed conversation is even older than I am and has been debated time and again.It has quite an impressive track record of the minds it has crossed,it has staggered out of lips in the fields of the slaves of the Americas,has been hushed betwixt the young girls of most Arab nations but by far her most renown speaker is Marie Stopes herself(to control birth or not? a.k.a to kill babies we don’t want or not?)
The reason of my sudden interest in this topic is because a friend of mine recently underwent the abortive procedure and it really did get me thinking.Her defense for doing what she did was that she felt that she had both the right and freedom to decide how her life turns out.
Which honestly is currently documented in our new constitution so for as far as the law is concerned she is well within her rights.But outside of the law what does she really mean?
That she has the freedom to kill?That doesn’t sound right, i mean even just definitively the word freedom and right can never be associated with the bad(because killing is bad).
Freedom as Martin Luther said can not be doled out in bits therefore its application must also follow suit, it cannot be used as a tool to fulfill just half of the good.I strongly hold that our freedom is at the behest of our human nature and the end it prescribes.And last I checked the humanity in our nature naturally predisposes us to attain the good through the tool of freedom.Therefore freedom can never be neutral as its use can only ever be used in relation to the good,and the real good not just the apparent good as is the pre-requisite of freedom.
So when did we start having the right and freedom to kill,maim or hurt others (however inconvenient they may be).When did people become so selfish that our wants have superseded the needs of others.Currently many legal systems that should be free to dispose justice are now in league with mass murderers.I always thought justice in its interpretation has a suffix of rehabilitation and not punishment because like medicine i feel law as well has the unique mission of saving lives,whatever they may be.Why this unjust split of freedom from the good ?
When it comes to human life of any shape or form,regardless of whether we have the capacity and might to determine whether one lives or dies is it really our place?


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