ignorance isn’t bliss,or is it?

After reading the story of the forgery of ‘Christ and the disciples at Emmaus’forged by Han Van Meegeren and attributed to Vermeer.This was a particularly well done forgery and he fooled many a art dealer over the equivalent of over $30 million today.In fact the piece was only ever discovered during the World War II when he was charged with having sold an art piece to the enemy and had to prove that it was faked.
Made me think, why can’t generic art be considered an art form of its own standing.
I mean painting or any form of art really is horribly personal and unique and if somebody can replicate that process by hand and hand alone don’t they deserve praise?Art forging is only immoral for as long as you pretend to be the original master but what if it was legalized and we could all have the fabulous Van Gogh’s hanging in our living rooms.Just because we can not afford the art doesn’t mean we hunger for culture less.
Furthermore, in the cut throat world of original art the window is small and the opening even smaller.Few get in and when they do they never come out and pass the baton to the next artist leaving much talent to turn to the world of counterfeit art that pays the bills and there is plenty of room for all,in fact the more the merrier.Most of the forgers start of as unappreciated dexterous artist themselves but let’s face it not everyone has the patience it takes to await greatness.
For others ,though highly proficient in skill they make up for in technique what they lack in creativity.They can only replicate style and not develop their own or rather they are only interested in duplication.The meticulous kind.And they just don’t aim to please they succeed more often than not,and isn’t that why we buy art or in many peoples cases go to art shows for.To let our eyes and our souls dine on the feast of originality and inspiration and if you can’t spot it with your own eyes,then that which you weren’t looking for shouldn’t at all concern you.
Duplication can be a way to just spread the love,and quite frankly i personally would like to see just how good a forgery could be if it was legal.I find great value in that skill.
To me its just like a person who studies another’s mathematics and calculations so intently and combined with their own technical know-how they are able to solve problems exactly how the other has done it before without consulting their actual solutions before hand.
Many forgeries are still out there and their owners are just as happy to have them in their possession,makes me wonder how bad can it be,really?


4 thoughts on “ignorance isn’t bliss,or is it?

  1. It’s good to copy a master. It helps an artist learn a good technique. It’s only a bad thing if an artist makes money by falsely using someone else’s name. And the people who buy an expensive masterpiece get ripped off because they are mainly buying the name on the painting and don’t appreciate it for the beauty of the painting, or they’d buy a print or copy. In those cases, it’s the name that has the most value to them, not the beauty of the art.


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