pocket of mine

dearest sweet protector,
valiant guardian of my youth,
vessel of thine neonatus,
lotus of my beginnings,
ever sealing me further away from strife,
preserving my warmth and succulence,
singly restoring me to life.

sheltered within your armor,
I lay,
A tiny little joey indeed,
dependent on your succor,
abundant was my supplication.

Incessantly tending to me,
becoming your sport of choice ,
nourishing me intently with your seed,
fervently leading me to radiance,
till like a flower i blossomed,
bursting out from that very seed,
sprouting tall,leaping forward
I soared.

Behind me the chamber of my origin,
to which i owe indefinite reverence,
in the fashion of gratitude,
for that initial bond and custody,
that will always be,
the prime meridian of my voyage.


be sure to purge (thoughts,ideas,complaints) if at all you feel the nudge

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