Liberalism and open-mindedness as opposed to conservatism and closed-mindedness has definitely come a long way in the eastern world.It has won over most youths and is certainly working out how to decimate much of the traditionalist mentalities strutting about.Though its effects are at times positive it has also opened doors to horrible consequences.
A well known fact that the better part of Africa and Asia hold their value systems closer than even their lives has served to contain much of this open-mindedness spreading even further.This i have come to appreciate and even join in because the turnover of discarded traditions is alarming.The ‘new world’ has appointed itself the custodian of definitions and has taken it upon itself to redefine everything within reach.This is only useful for erroneous and retrogressive mentalities that have proved to be unnecessary and coincidental to negative effects.
As for the ongoing redefinition of the unchanging truths that are sufficient within themselves and their extensions to fit the desires of men this is the culture that will most probably bring to our knees conditioned to follow even the absurd desires of our bodies.Questions such as what is marriage?, what is love?,what is the purpose of marriage?,what is a society?,why clothing? have sprouted new and more often ridiculous definitions masquerading as new ideas but in fact are just time bombs in our midst.These are fed to the already suggestible youth accorded with the gift of a longer existence that is headed in disappointment after disappointment.Older members of society and their once golden advice are now being shun to homes for the old because everyone has become a philosopher and is now churning out their ‘Meditations’.
We have forgotten that philosophy has never been the work of one man or even of one era.Truth can never been disregarded without the invitation of total destruction and these latent effects we have already seen amongst us.The institution of marriage is continuously becoming devalued and as a result the rate of incidences of single family homes and irresponsible parents are accelerating.Men do not make truth ,truth makes men and neither is it selective for this is a rare case where one size fits all.


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