weeds in my salad

As i was readying myself to prepare a much deserved sumptuous salad(kachumbari),roughly opening the herbs i had just purchased.I proceeded to discover that the open air trader had gifted me an extra batch of parsley.This only served to heighten my already sky high appetite and i washed them swiftly.Even deciding to fetch my spectacles and have more spiritual experience consuming the food with all my senses adequately acute,in hindsight the overzealous behavior is in itself a worrying observation.(it was after all only salad)
On returning to the scene of the feast,and further inspecting the herbs i realized that the parsley was but mere fencing to the garden of weeds i had on my plate.Although the shrouding of the weeds was quite frankly artful if only it served any purpose.
Why had the man wasted his precious time picking up weeds that resembled parsley to the untrained eye and folded them with parsley to gift to me.What an utterly useless thing to do.
Why all that effort?
The time he wasted looking for the weeds and bunching them so well they remained hidden for so long.He could have been picking more parsley and making a profit at my expense and as a satisfied customer i would keep enriching his nutritious enterprise.Certainly i cannot rule out the possibility of a coincidental unintended picking and bunching of the weeds with parsley then the accidental hand off to me who coincidentally wasn’t wearing my specs thus unable to spot the weeds.But to a more logical explanation ; a man handing me weeds as an extra so that i could keep coming back,which is so horribly absurd because the aroma and taste of parsley has a unique signature which even if he were to deceive my sight my taste buds would most definitely compensate.The only verdict of that action would only be distaste on my part and on top of wasting his and mine he has also lost a would-be loyal customer since i do take salads quite a bit and i am a creature of habit.
I find that people always find the most absurd way of using their time and as i read for my math exams and sip at the concept of the time value of money,i realize how urgent the studies of the money value of time are required by so many.
The studies in themselves are quite theoretical and infinitesimal because there is no amount of money you can accord even a wasted second.This life is short enough to waste completely with uselessness but long enough to fill with splendor and necessary acts that live on.Why most of us (inclusive of me) choose the former is beyond me?


4 thoughts on “weeds in my salad

  1. I have to say this was an excellent read and your point is well taken.
    This world is one thing, we the people are something else!
    Thank you for reading my poem and I shall return as I have plenty more on your site to read.
    Best wishes.

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