traveling far and wide,
traversing plateaus and plains,
turning at every corner,glancing at every shoulder,
tantamount to a fugitive’s living,
trusting on only the mercy of Samaritans,
trekking to parts unknown,faced with peoples unheard,
tonic of sound being my medical practice,
trickles of sweat dusted with the sweltering hate of foreigners,
trickster and gypsy ,dark euphemism for my trade,
tabulating all of my sojourns,totals to a singular haven,
to which i shall return.
Tropical she is,as her equatorial beauty dictates,
tears of remembrance of her recondite stature,
torture and scorch my battered body,
trivial to the continental man,forever plastered on his original real estate,
though the day will dawn
that i will reunite again with her,
till then,
take care my savannah,my sweet savannah

(to the amazing Mama Africa, Zenzile)


be sure to purge (thoughts,ideas,complaints) if at all you feel the nudge

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