my positioning theory

Today faith and religion have become such a gray area for me that i simply can not describe exactly what i am.Like every other confused soul desperately searching for a cause i have worn many of the labels,atheist,agnostic,theist,polytheist you name it.
I have for the better part of my life been catholic and ironically enough while still in catholic high school is when the ugly face of skepticism started appearing from time to time.A skeptic i still am but not as a medal or trophy,unlike sartre the happy skeptic who believed that skepticism is the ultimate end i think its just a means to a greater end,one much more speculated upon thus correct ,sensible and easy to see.
In fact my skepticism wears me down but in the same light it also protects me from the often strange and incredulous explanations the confused offer to ascertain their religious beliefs.Luckily this very skepticism has led me to develop the positioning theory that basically sums up my religious inclinations if any.
Skepticism doesn’t usually invoke certainty as a rule but after much deliberation i did find the two things that i am not at all skeptical about one of which is truth.Its unwavering,immutable,timeless nature is what alerted me to it.Sadly this high form of religion is hardly ever practiced .
Secondly is the fact that there is a higher perfect intelligence governing all of us,a certainty that was cemented and hammered down with Aquinas’ arguments for the existence of God.For sure in this world and the next coincidences are just misunderstood maneuverings of this unseen master puppeteer.
This led me to the conclusion that every puppeteer needs string to control his charges right and that must be truth.Therefore the real religion must be the one with the nature of the truth,timeless and immutable.And as it is prescribed for human beings it must therefore follow the rules of positioning or the ‘positioning theory’.
“accessible and intrinsic to all human positions”
This just means that the religion must be reachable and agreeable to all humans both geographically(in all places) and in all manners of being(gender,age,race..etc).This religion cannot be in any way discriminatory or require transportation to some peoples or be easily grasped by others and not all.It should also be intrinsic to all humans therefore we should always recognise it because it always resonates with our internal human nature.
“one size fits all positions”
Meaning that it should be applicable to all circumstances just like killing will never be correct.This also means that it should as a matter of fact have all the answers to all infinitely possible human conundrums and there should be no need for more research or advancement on its part because in and of itself it is at the highest point both conceivable and actual.With this kind of religion no change in the human person could warrant any shunning as all can be fixed thus maintaining its non discriminatory clause.

After much researching and observations and i am no Sherlock Holmes but nothing has come even close to fulfilling the conditions i set out.Although i do know now that truth in its entirety can not be successfully pursued singly but i am also fully aware that its completeness cannot be fully grasped by a less than perfect creature like myself or any other human.
This has led me to believe even more that Plato’s world of generals does in fact exist and that realm is where i would find that religion.For now i have resorted to sit on the fence of agnosticism and polytheism because i do believe all the religions of this world are just mere instances of ‘that religion’ existent in the world of generals but i am also painfully aware that my imperfect nature has disabled me in consuming the whole and complete truth because if that religion is one of the makings of the’higher intelligence’ then it goes without say that to participate in that religion to its full extent is indefinitely impossible for humans like myself.


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