intelligence digger,gold digger,looks digger,diggers alike?

As a tradition every Valentine’s i have set out to expand my definition of love and the poking question this year was one of the tougher ones at least for me,’what to love in a person?’
The top 3 answers were,intelligence,personality and everything.Each of which at first glance appear dead on at best and sweet at worst but really each of them have just as much to do with love as gold digging does,this is why.
Love like all the great ideals is timeless and constant and thus can only apply to objects of the same nature.This is why you cannot love someone’s personality,intelligence or looks because they are all subject to time and change ,turns out people can change and that goes for their personality that can improve or deteriorate dependent on willful acts that influence habits,intelligence being no exception as due to increase or decrease in knowledge and mental exercise intelligence can either dwindle or expand.
Then what to love?
The very fact that we can change is proof that something in us remains constant otherwise it wouldn’t be change but rather a complete transformation.And that which is constant is the object of love,devoid of this space-time fabric of all physicalities, something completely spiritual and ethereal.
The best and only answer i can conjure up is ‘the soul.’Now i do not know about you but i don’t have much experience or faith with the completely spiritual so i guess at this point my question is how do you love the soul of another or even recognise when your soul is loved? or even more importantly when it is not.
Makes you wonder if love,the real kind is even possible or natural to our species at all.


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