disgruntle me not

“shut your mouth,
bite your tongue,
eat your words”
she said to me furiously
hastily and hesistatingly
“dear beauty,
don’t berate my lips,
nothing but a messenger for my heart,
forget the equipment of my throat,
just an activist for my passion,
ostracize my tongue no more
a mere proxy for the conjurings of my mind.”
i said gently,whisperingly
for her hearing and hers alone
forgiven she was at the ignorance
that of her own beating heart
and the longings of her eternity.
After all it was just our first such encounter
the first of many,the last of failed ones
perchance next year,i will enforce the might
of my arrow,arrest her for the escape
the absconding with my soul
positively the most threatening death threat yet.


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