what reason for it all?

For as long as my ovaries have worked i have certainly known and distinctly so that the connection they will accord me to my children will be one of a higher ground.For this reason as most young women will attest to i await with much trepidation for that day when i too will assume the title mother.
Trepidation because the latter may not be so,God knows how many complications stud women everyday in that inevitable quest for motherhood.So you can imagine how incredibly simple and effective adoption would be as an alternative option to having children should that magical underneath system be unable to do the job,right?
Wrong ,adoption is positively the opposite of a quick fix in fact it is possibly one of those presumably ingenious engineering maneuverings at first but with time it causes undue stress to the traditional structure and the continuance of this unabated could just be the cause of that untimely demise of the family.
To start off adoption is not the issue it can’t be but like all GIGO systems the humans behind the machinery of the system are always evidently the cause of malfunction because the genesis of any misfires are always from them.Adoption is incredibly harder than the normal process because to begin with the inexplicable instinctual connection is not there to begin with and that usually calls for overcompensation which is mostly the wrong course of action.Also the reason for such adoption in the first place is usually inherently selfish, reasons such as i just wanted to be a mom,to have my legacy live on,to have someone who needs or even to just feel more charitable to the children of the world.Into this cauldron adding the biological children into the mix just might be the final sizzle before the spill(issues of blood relations,favoritism,entitlement).
All things considered most would by a long shot simply put just be rendered not mature enough to adopt and many realize this soon enough and opt for a pet,career,travel or the rigorous fertility treatment.But what if you were forcibly pushed into these murky waters by that unsympathetic hand of fate?then what?
The last woman i encountered in this particular pickle by a wrong switch of the name tags on 2 baby girls she mistakenly took home a baby as beautiful as her own and raised her for 16 years unknowingly.Her biological daughter at the other home instigated the inquiry that led to the discovery and subsequent suing of the hospital all because she felt incomplete there and as her designated family felt the separation too they withdrew from her as well.
The other woman as is typical of all women knew intuitively that the girl was not hers and as a matter of bodily wiring shunned the girl as a result but the woman in question here had just experienced a magical 16 years with the girl she thought was her daughter and this discovery scrambled her brain indefinitely.
After the legal drag with the hospital the question was, what next?The other woman demanded her daughter be reunited with her so as to try and recover the lost time effective immediately,but the other wanted both the false daughter she had raised and the girl who had an uncanny resemblance to her and painted in her unique signature.
What puzzled me was the woman who wanted both i mean why?If it is true that as women we are uniquely bound and bonded to our offspring and as a result we should understand the claim any woman holds to her child.Most people have impressed upon me that the woman is just one with a big heart and can love both as much and threw in my face years of well archived psychological findings,while i am fully aware that science isn’t infallible and totally complete.
What i do know is that the research is not wrong and the system is not broke,maybe this woman is just less inclined to her bodily instincts but she can not surpass them all together which leaves me with only one motive for the claim she holds to the girl that is not hers,selfishness.And for what,this girl was neither going to pass on her immortality to the next generation nor pay her back the love and compassion she had shown especially after the discovery of her true origin.
And why would she keep her away from her family,if she truly loved her she would let her go to discover the origin of face,musings and peculiarities with no threat to the love they shared,isn’t that what great lovers do they let their loves go.Furthermore, why would she entertain even the idea of the two girls cohabiting after such history.This cannot be love it is most certainly selfishness of this i am sure.
But selfishness of what,what does this girl possess that she can not separate herself from?That is the question.


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