“we are water,we flow and flow”

one of my most cherished musicians said that but it couldn’t be farther from the truth from my current situation.After reading bits of Santayana’s persons and places and just a bit of Burroughs and Thoreau,men as simple as a sunset but so complex in their individual views and interpretation of their environs.I am no naturalist but i do worship at the altar of nature and all its marvels ,but these men had that verbal camera to capture the tones,hues and impeccable sounds of the world around them with language as flowery and colorful as the object itself.
Such a spring of talent to interweave a passion and literature is nothing short of extraordinary,the stuff of legend.They are a true depiction of beautiful spring that flows and flows something some of us aspiring writers can only ever hope to even possess a quarter of.


be sure to purge (thoughts,ideas,complaints) if at all you feel the nudge

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