an uncanny anomaly

as a matter of fact i deliberately refuse to follow politics because for sure it is just one more way of wasting time that anyone outside of that political realm need not.At least that’s the reason that helps me sleep at night but frankly the mathematics of politics never add up and do more division of my common sense than i care to admit.
But even the habitual mole like myself must come out for air once in a while and it takes a particular kind of bait to lure me out.The two things i am certain of for sure in those murky waters is that the rich are the puppeteers and that nothing is coincidental because all the strings lead back to the rich.
It therefore piques my interest intensely when a man without a name but with the bank account of an obvious prince shows up grabs a political seat with the firm support of the locals and continues about his rather awkward business in plain sight with no real stake holders asking him the what or how of his nature.
In all African countries anomalies and unexplained questions do not exist,the order in the disorder is a tough pattern to master and takes a trained eye to understand the horridly intricate pattern but alas it is possible.
For the aforementioned reasons it is easy to see why my eye is untrained and it is in moments like these that i wish i could summon the spirit of Alan Turing and decode the mystery and uncover what hides behind the unmasked man hiding in plain sight.
His eccentric nature is just more fire to the already suffused fire burning away at the little certainties about him i hold so dear.The deluge of questions has soaked my brain for days ,is he the king disguised in an odd man’s skin?is he but a pawn in the real chess game?and if so what game exactly?is he just a diversion?a clever sleight of hand in a picture to dissuade the eyes from studying the broken background….
Like every good maze the puzzle lives on only this time the lack of a solution is unsettling because it might be the cause of even more inequity,unabated corruption and the list is endless as it always is ,hopefully the ruthless hand of Karma will intervene this time if we can’t compute this one.


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