the apology

i promise it is not wont for me to write such personal matters on such a public scaffolding as is this blog.And thus the first apology begins ,secondly of late after the Fidel’s death,certain accidental accidents of my emotion and my constant bombardment with the darker side of being.Depression has colonized my thoughts and affections with one exception that proverbial silver lining of poetry.
For sure my love of the art has been grossly under reported as it has shepherded me through the murky waters of the abyss that is life.Its flowery phrases have invoked much grace and harmony within me and for that i am thankful and grateful. I atone through verse in this humble fashion……

Oh my soft sounding sister,
You’re churning my brew,
turning me ever more sweeter,
an ode to Paul,
a sonnet to Peter,
My soul is chanting and dancing,
today and everyday is now Easter,
your addition of tincture,
Has decanted all of my sour and bitter,
The bird within has begun again,
to whisper and twitter,
Collaging my heart,
with your pattern of rhyme and meter.


be sure to purge (thoughts,ideas,complaints) if at all you feel the nudge

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