darker still

equaliser by all accounts was a great movie,but like a well healed scab or healthy skin.It covers the cancer terrorizing the inside.Having lived long enough to have a stare down with adversity at its best.I have learnt that the earth is in fact euphemism for a cold dark habitat whose monsters grow ever more evil.
For me my fairy tale days are painfully behind me and while the idea of a modern day Robin Hood are the stuff of legend it holds little if any truth at all to the current situations.We do live in a world where mafias of all shapes and sizes with all manner of weapons rule,children are sold into prostitution and the industry haves them for breakfast and the high and mighty have stone-hearted hit men who enjoy their macabre craft.And the worst part is that all of the above is just another day in the office for some of us.
Dead bodies are so commonplace,women being stripped even more expected.Thoughts of salvation by a masked man or in Denzel’s case(an ordinary man) is what helps me sleep at night and even then i still know that all good things come to an end because the monsters grow exponentially and the world is darker still….


be sure to purge (thoughts,ideas,complaints) if at all you feel the nudge

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