tell them its just human nature

Definitely one of my all time favourite MJ songs but of late the words have taken on a more literal sense, at least in my world….

When i think of the great mission in the earlier days of AD where the point was to spread the word and convert the pagans into Christians. The apostles of old would be appalled and even possibly  depressed if they saw the world as it is today.For sure the conversion is still underway but in reverse because most atheists,agnostics and alternatives as i refer to myself have a 60% chance of having been brought up religiously.Which begs the question why?

is it that the shepherds are not looking after their flock or are the tethers not tight enough?My best  shot at an answer is simply just human nature.Nothing we haven’t heard or seen before for example Eve disobeyed because of her human nature,that which is forbidden will always be more alluring and stir up more curiosity.

With all due respect to all the religions of the world for me religion is just a hope system,a story about the ourselves that explains our existence,a recliner to fall back on when loneliness pervades that is anchored  with faith.The stories are good so good if literature were drinks the religious manuscripts would be the finest Bordeaux.

I myself believe in many different religions that hold the fundamental truths that subsist for now and for always but the reasons as to why even i have juggled the different titles of atheist,agnostic,polytheist and all the other fancy names that came with the territory is because religions make it a point to cancel out each other.This by the way being a ridiculous objective because most of all religions analysed at their cores are just different versions of the same book.The circumstances ,angles and different traditions are just clothings of the same universal body because a good deed is a good deed in islam,christianity, buddhism and all the rest.

The separation of the religions allows for secondary embellishments onto the aforementioned clothe,embellishments that serve the purpose of further diversification and utter confusion amongst followers.These little issues sow strife and war for no good reason when in fact on the behemoth issues of love,life,hope and goodness we all essentially agree on.

My only hope is that religions may open up the freedom of exploration in alternative methods of discovering truths so as to stop the further invention of false truths to keep the people disunited because the truth is the truth wherever you are and whatever it is you may be going through.Truth is the ultimate God because it is omnipotent  and unwavering.

The freedom would also enable us to exercise our very real human nature of homo curiosus and labels of theist,monotheist or agnostic will cease to exist because the truth is we are all the same person unsure of most things especially the bigger issues but at least we are all on the path of discovery and we are on it together.

so the next time anyone asks me or you on the religion or label you prefer i will say i don’t know and why?i’ll tell them its just human nature


2 thoughts on “tell them its just human nature

  1. Booyaka on that last point. Stop spreading false truths. I especially hate it when people tell me what God wants. God is my bestie and I know for a fact, he did not tell you that.


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