an old love

the line from “the chord that struck”is from an amazing duet by sam palladio and clare bowen.Country music was definitely not my poison i prefer the vodka of indie music.But the art of that kind is so courageous and seasoned ,it doesn’t jump at you and strangle you.It just lets itself in and embraces you.

I honestly do not know where to start,the amazingly grounded lyrics,the surreal guitar skills or just the plain artistry of it all.So easy to understand but so hard to grasp.It is such an old art ,a beauty unseen just managing to possess the chosen few per generation.It is so pure and so incorruptible by the angst of show business.

Listening to it is like talking to an old friend from an old life you never knew you lived.Like discovering a new herb and being so excited of its new flavour but still remembering its kind is as old as the ground.The chords reunite the now and the past,both aging your soul and revitalising it for now.If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or a glass of champagne to celebrate listen to country and reconnect with that old love.

Thank God for Nashville the series


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