why must we all retire to the countryside in kenya??

That’s literally what i’m pondering.For all the Kenyans who have grown up in moderate middle class homes the talk of what about my house in (…..fill in your rural area)? is more bitter than ripe.

And my question is why? Don’t we have pension schemes in this country.I know we do for a fact because i am an actuarial student….therein lies the mystery what are people like me doing?Why are our annuities not lasting us forever…..The point is for the annuity to maintain the lifestyle of the person then why do we have to to downsize ..these are the makings of a hollowing and creeping insidious financial crisis.

The African pot is brewing up a storm…we better sniff out  the source of this horrid smoke.Why do Europeans get to travel and live large well into their octo-years what aren’t we doing for our octogenarians.

Amid this noise and haste though the answer and culprit are shockingly simple but the fix will indeed require a wave of change.THE MORTALITY TABLES!!! They are all wrong .In no world is it ok to use the British mortality tables for 1978 women on a 2014 African woman ….it is easy to see that obviously the mathematics is sensitive and we cannot afford dubious tables .

I’m definitely not against retiring in the countryside i am though vehemently opposed to downsizing your life to the countryside ……i say if you’re going to retire into the countryside,retire as millionaire,you know you deserve…You’ve already run the rat race you certainly do not need to die a country mouse…

ALL ACTUARIAL STUDENTS and mathematicians alike…..help me with this challenge rise up create new tables for the new african or trust me your pension’s next


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